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Supporting Institutions

A number of major institutions heavily involved in digital preservation of scholarly and cultural materials are supporting the iPRES2021 as co-hosting institutions, including:

The Branch of Special Libraries,Library Society of China

The Branch of Public Libraries,Library Society of China
The Branch of University Libraries,Library Society of China
The Branch of Medical Libraries,Library Society of China
National Library of China
Institute of Medical Information & Library, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Peking University Library
Institute of Agricultural Information, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Institute of Science and Technology Information of China
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Library
The Museum of Chinese Local Chronicles
the Palace Museum
Dunhuang Academy
National Geological Library of China
Information Technology Professional Committee of the Society of Chinese Archives
STM Journal Society, Chinese Academy of Sciences
China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation
Chinese Academy of Press and Publication
Electronic Records Management Research Center of Renmin University of China