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COPTR-EDIT-A-THON: Tooling up for digital preservation

19 October, TUESDAY 1800-1930 & 2000-2130 (Bejingtime) , Zoom#4 (Event)
22 October, FRIDAY 2000-2130 (Bejingtime), Session 11, Zoom#1 (Report)


Community Owned digital Preservation Tool Registry (COPTR) was developed in 2013 to provide efficient “one stop shopping” for practitioners performing research on digital preservation tools and services. It contains information on over 500 tools and since 2021 has been equipped with semantic MediaWiki capabilities. This makes a large part of the information within the registry machine-readable and possible to query by API. It opens new possibilities for creating tool overviews and allowing users to find comparisons that will be useful to them. It also makes new integrations possible for projects, which are based on data harvested from COPTR.
COPTR Edit-A-Thon during iPRES2021 invites the international digital preservation community to come together in a common effort to enrich the data in COPTR, explore the possibilities of the recently added semantic annotation, and discuss the future of the registry. It will combine hands-on editing, group discussions and brainstorms conducted in a hybrid manner. With this edit-a-thon we aim to develop new/improved entries, new ideas for making the most of the new functionality, and new items to add to the “to do” list for future improvements. This event is for everyone interested in tools and workflows for digital preservation and does not require any specialized knowledge.


Stacey Jones Erdman

Stacey Jones Erdman is the Digital Preservation & Curation Officer at Arizona State University. In this position, she has responsibility for designing and leading the digital preservation and curation program for ASU Library. She works with various library constituents to plan, develop, implement, and communicate digital preservation and curation policies, strategies, workflows, processes, and practices to ensure the long-term viability of digital assets under the library’s stewardship.  She is the former Digital Archivist at Beloit College; and Digital Collections Curator at Northern Illinois University. Stacey has been involved with the Digital POWRR Project since it's inception in 2012, and is currently serving as Project Director on the Digital POWRR Peer Assessment project, funded by the IMLS.

Ania Molenda

Ania Molenda is the project leader of Preservation Tools project at Dutch Digital Preservation Network. Recently, within her Preservation Tools project she was involved in the migration of COPTR from a regular wiki to a semantic MediaWiki, providing the register with a quarriable data structure. Within her project she works on popularising tools for digital preservation, building a knowledge base on the available tools and fostering collaboration around this topic.

Paul Wheatley

Paul Wheatley is the Head of Research and Practice at Digital Preservation Coalition. Paul spearheaded the COPTR initiative, by pitching a community-owned tool registry to the attendees of the initial Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation meeting. He brought together the stakeholders from the 5 major tool registries, and worked on combining, collating, and de-duping the contents into what became COPTR. He presently helps maintain all aspects of COPTR.