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From capture to replay: Web Archiving with webrecorder tools



Web archiving can take many forms, but usually involves fully capturing websites, storing the captured content, and faithly reproducing, or replaying the archived sites.

Through this workshop, participants will gain a working knowledge on how web archiving works by using a simple web archiving process from capture to replay using two open-source tools from Webrecorder: archiveweb.page and replayweb.page.

Archiveweb.page is an open-source capture tool that turns your browser into a full-featured interactive web archiving system. Replayweb.page is an open-source browser-based viewer that loads and renders web archive files for replay in the browser. Both these tools combined create high-fidelity web archives using a basic workflow from capture to replay that participants can control, save, and embed onto other platforms. All the code can be viewed and accessed via github: http://github.com/webrecorder/

The webrecorder project builds quality open source tools to enable ‘web archiving for all’ to allow anyone with a browser to create their own web archives, and to accurately replay them at a later time.




Lorena Ramírez-López

Community Developer, webrecorder

Lorena Ramírez-López is a graduate from the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program at New York University. She has been a moving image specialist for the past 5 years with experience as a National Digital Stewardship Residency of the American Archive of Public Broadcasting for WHUT (Howard University) Television in Washington DC, and member of XFR Collective in New York City. She currently works as a consultant at Myriad and community developer for the webrecorder project. A native New Yorker from Queens, Lorena has been actively involved in open-source projects, online Zoom productions, and APEX advocate.


Ilya Kreymer

Webrecorder Creator and Lead Developer

Ilya Kreymer has been working on open source web archiving tools since 2011, starting the Webrecorder project in 2014.

Emma Dickson

General Developer at Webrecorder