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List of Lightning Talks and Their Session Arrangement

Lightning Talks will be presented In Session 9 and 11, each up to 5 minutes.


Session 9: Lightning Talks 1

(1)    Virtual Research Environment with Preservation Tools

Ania Molenda (DDHN, Netherlands), Martin Speller (OPF, UK), Carl Wilson (OPF, UK)


(2)    Archiving and Preservation of Large Scientific Datasets

Matthew Addis (Arkivum Ltd.,UK)


(3)    Lifecycle-based Preservation Management of Research Data

Qing Lu (ShanghaiTech University, Shanghai, China),Yingdong Zhang (ShanghaiTech University, Shanghai, China), Yinbing Sun (ShanghaiTech University, Shanghai, China), Xiaoying Sun (ShanghaiTech University, Shanghai, China)


(4)    Advancing Digital Curation Scholarship through ICA’s Study Schools

Forget Chaterera-Zambuko (Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates)


(5)    Developing a Flexible Skills Framework for Digital Preservation

Sharon McMeekin (Head of Workforce Development, Digital Preservation Coalition), Amy Currie (Training Officer, Digital Preservation Coalition)


(6)    Preservation Watch: Building Towards a New Generic Facility Within The Dutch Digital Heritage Network

Tamara van Zwol (Coordinator Preservation Watch for The Dutch Digital Heritage Network (NDE) at The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision)


(7)    Towards Making Your Repository More Trustworthy and FAIR-enabling

Linas Cepinskas (Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), The Hague, Netherlands)


(8)    What are your digital preservation headaches, and how can we treat them together? 

Lotte Wijsman (National Archives of the Netherlands)


(9)    The Radboud Data Repository: Digital Preservation Throughout the Research Lifecycle

Inge Slouwerhof (Radboud University Library, Nijmegen, the Netherlands), Didi Lamers (Radboud University Library, Nijmegen, the Netherlands)


(10)  The Hull 2017 City of Culture Digital Archive

Laura Giles (University of Hull, UK)


(11)  Digital Preservation: People Make Glasgow

Sarah Middleton (Head of Advocacy & Community Engagement Digital Preservation Coalition), William Kilbride (Executive Director, Digital Preservation Coalition)


(12)  Long Term Preservation Scheme for Digital Assets by Macrowing Archives

Xufeng Liu (Macrowing Software Technology Co.,Ltd., shanghai, China)


(13)  LIBNOVA RESEARCH LABS LIBNOVA’s Lines of Research in Technological Innovation

Antonio G Martinez (LIBNOVA SL, Spain),Teofilo Redondo (LIBNOVA SL, Spain), Maria Fuertes (LIBNOVA SL, Spain)


(14)  LEARNINGS FROM ARCHIVER PROJECT How to Preserve Research Datasets

Antonio G Martinez (LIBNOVA SL, Spain),Teofilo Redondo (LIBNOVA SL, Spain), Maria Fuertes (LIBNOVA SL, Spain)


Session 11: Lightning Talks 2

(1)    The DPC in Australasia: Implementing a Global Strategy

Jaye Weatherburn (Digital Preservation Coalition)


(2)    Preserving Immersive Media

OSMAN  SERHAT KARAMAN (Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Istanbul,Turkey)


(3)    PREMIS Rights: Keeping Pace with New Requirements

Marjolein Steeman (Preservation Officer Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, member PREMIS Editorial Committee)


(4)    To Preserve, You Must Adapt.

Alex Kinnaman (Virginia Tech University Libraries, USA), Rachel Howard (University of Louisville Libraries ,USA), Deanna Ulvestad (Greene County Public Library, USA)


(5)    The “PUPS” Model: Private Funding, University Staff, Public Records, and State Archives

Gregory S. Hunter, Ph.D. Professor  Palmer School of Library and Information Science


(6)    Community History Web Archiving Program

Lori Donovan (Community Programs Manager, Web Archiving & Data Services, Internet Archive, USA)


(7)    COVID-19 Web Archive

Lori Donovan (Community Programs Manager, Web Archiving & Data Services, Internet Archive, USA)


(8)    ARK Alliance: Empowering 800 Institutions and 8 Billion Identifiers Since 2001

John Kunze (California Digital Library, USA)


(9) Consistent evaluation of trustworthiness across guiding principles and standards is crucial to ensure a robust digital repository ecosystem

David Giaretta ( PTAB LTD, UK),  John Garrett(Garrett Software, USA), Mark Conrad(Adv. Info. Collaboratory, USA),  J Steven Hughes( Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA), Terry Longstreth( Washington Acad. Sciences, USA), Roberta Svanetti,( Deda Cloud Srl Supporting ESA, Italy), Dawei Lin( NIAID, USA), Robert R. Downs( CIESIN, Columbia University, USA), Felix Engel( FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany), Matthias Hemmje( FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany), Iolanda Maggio(Rhea GROUP Supporting ESA, Italy)


(10)Preservation as the Priority

Paul Stokes (Jisc, UK), Tamsin Burland (Jisc, UK)



Antonio G Martinez (LIBNOVA SL, Spain),Teofilo Redondo (LIBNOVA SL, Spain), Maria Fuertes (LIBNOVA SL, Spain)