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     Sep 8, 2020 

Looking Forward to The Spark of Wisdom Collision

Welcome to the iPRES 2021 Why I iPres series: We have invited members of the digital preservation community to publish their experience and thoughts related to iPRES. This post is written by Cahi Miaoling, associate researcher of Chengdu Documentation and Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)



Chai Miaoling

Chai Miaoling is a associate researcher of Chengdu Documentation and Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).  She research interested is agricultural scientific data knowledge organization and technology information analysis.




Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent uncertainty and disruption, the world pressed the pause button for months. When people try their best to keep the physical social distance, others to keep in touch via the internet, esp. the people worked in Healthy,Education and Business domains. As we may think, in the future, big data and digital preservation technologies will help us work furthermore. This is one of the reasons why I expecting iPRES 2021. 

Another reason is my best memory in iPRES 2013.

In 2013, as a youth metadata researcher, I first time joined the International Conference hosted by iPRES and DCMI(International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications) in Lisbon. I still remember the first keynote is “Darling, we need to talk”, the speaker Gildas ILLIEN (vice president of European Interest Group on RDA (EURIG)) at that time) compared the metadata and digital preservation as 2 lovers not understand each other quite well. But via iPRES, it could have happened. During the conference term, I try to reassess my work from a digital preservation researcher’s angle. I also found my research weakness, and revise a part of my research blueprint. 

Why not iPRES 2021?

Different scientists come from different countries with different ideas. It sounds exciting.

from Gildas ILLIEN's keynote

虽然Covid-19流感大流行让全世界都按下了暂停键, 但人们在保持物理社交距离的同时,通过互联网积极交流沟通。可以想像,未来大数据和数字保存技术对我们的生活影响会越来越大。这是我期待iPRES 2021在北京召开的原因之一,另外一个原因则是曾经的参会经历。              

在2013年,作为一名年轻的元数据研究者,我第一次参加了iPRES和DCMI(International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications)在葡萄牙里斯本举办的国际会议。记得会议第一个主题是Gildas ILLIEN 先生(当时European Interest Group on RDA (EURIG)副主席)的“Darling, we need to talk”,他将开放存取和元数据生动的比喻为两个互不了解但又彼此依存的情侣,整日忙于工作,忘记了沟通。这也是不同领域研究者的一个现状,但是iPRES为研究者建立了沟通的桥梁。在这次会议中,我也收益匪浅,尝试着从数字保存者的角度审视自己的工作,并完善了研究计划。

怎么说呢, iPRES 2021 你值得拥有!